Celebrate National Fun at Work Day!

Greetings from Tube Dude! Hopefully, you’re ready to make your workplace a little more enjoyable because Friday, January 28th is National Fun at Work Day. Sadly nowadays, many Americans do not have fun at work, but we’re here to change that.

Let’s see what National Fun at Work Day is, and how you can use Tube Dude’s cool artistic creations to make your work area fun EVERY DAY.

National Fun at Work Day with Tube Dude Sarasota

National Fun at Work Day

The last Friday of every January is National Fun at Work Day. Its purpose is to spread some cheer amidst a modern workplace that’s desperately low on morale and highly stressful all the time.

Did you know that the term “office” dates back to 1395? Yes, Geoffrey Chaucer coined the term in The Canterbury Tales. Little did he know that the concept of an office would become even more horrifying than anything in his famous novel.

The first office building, as we’ve come to know it, was built in London in 1726. Also, the “cubicle” arrived in the year 1963, invented by a fellow sculptor, Robert Propst. We can scarcely imagine a more novel way to employ one’s sculpting talents than erecting plain walls to separate people from one another at work (*jeers*).

Now that you know a little more about offices and cubicles, Tube Dude wants to show you a much better way to adorn your work buildings than those awful innovations.

Get Some ‘DUDES’ In Your Work Area

Yes, get some Dudes (and Dudettes) for your work area because they’ll make your work ambiance that much more chill and enjoyable.

Is your employee breakroom reminiscent of a torture chamber? Want to enliven things a bit? Then why not invigorate your office with the tube version of Fred and Ginger. You might not be able to dance the night away while working, but it’s fun to take five and imagine it.

We don’t condone drinking alcohol while on the job. You can, however, let the Beer Dude pre-game for you before leaving work. If that doesn’t jive with your workplace, you can also set up this replica of your boss, AKA Business Dude.

There’s a lot more where that came from too. We have more than 30 work-related tube dudes. In its entirety, we have an inventory of hundreds of hilarious and amusing tube creations.

Tube Dude spends his time making people smile by crafting and building awesome tube creations. It’s an art form like almost no other, and you can get a hold of one yourself whenever you shop with us online or visit the store on Main Street in Sarasota, FL.

Thank you and Happy National Fun at Work Day!

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