The Love of the Great Blue Heron

We’re big fans of majestic avian fowl like the Great Blue Heron. If you don’t believe us, just check out our bird collection, where Tube Dude has created over two dozen winged tube creations.

Florida is home to several beautiful birds, many of whom sport splendid shades of ocean blue. The most popular ones include Blue Jays, Florida Scrub Jays, and the Great Blue Heron. Let’s check out some fun facts about the latter and then explore a few other tube birds!

Blue Heron Mailbox

Fun Facts Regarding the Great Blue Heron

Their wingspan is almost double their height. In fact, the huge wings are probably the easiest way to identify them. Those range from 167 to 201 cm wide with the blue heron’s comparably small stature of only 91 to 137 cm.

Blue herons love the water. These close relatives of gray herons fly around many parts of North America, but we see them all the time in Florida. That’s thanks to several water sources like Lake Okeechobee, Rainbow River, and the ocean.

What does the blue heron prefer to eat? Well, since it’s often found patrolling lakes, rivers, and ponds, you can easily surmise that it feasts on fish a lot. It supplements its seafood portions with plenty of insects and a few rodents here and there.

Even these tough birds struggle with the Florida heat. However, they manage to cool down by “gular fluttering,” which is a birdy way of hanging their mouths open and panting. They also droop their wings to let loose some of their body heat.

Check Out Blue Heron Tube & Friends

These are some of Tube Dude’s best avian creations.

The Blue Heron Mailbox – This is one of many magnificent mailbox enhancements from Tube Dude. It’s a terrific way to enliven the outer perimeter of any residential property.

Blue Heron Pool Rail – Do you own a swimming pool? Why not let this fellow guard it for you?

6 Foot Flamingo Without Wings – No wings, but much taller than the blue heron. It makes a great addition to gardens, golf courses, swimming pools, and more.

Giant Rooster – Roosters are pretty tough birds. The best part about this one is that it’s huge, but won’t drive you nuts in the morning with lots of crowing.

King Fisher – This cute bluebird is a little smaller, and costs less than the other options.

There are plenty of other birds, animals, and people that Tube Dude emulates with hand-crafted metal art creations. We hope you’ll browse the rest of the website or visit us on Main Street in Sarasota to discover more. Feel free to call in advance with questions, comments, or suggestions at 941-735-6009 or fill out the form below.

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