New Year’s Resolutions for Artists

Are you an artist struggling to get your footing lately? Are you in need of some new ideas to rejuvenate your creative capacity? Well, then it’s time to consider one of these artist-focused New Year’s resolutions.

Sarasota New Year's Resolutions for 2022 near Longboat Key

Here are just a handful of terrific ideas for you:

Stop Postponing Your Excellent Project Ideas

Procrastination is a vice whenever you know you can already do what it is you should be doing. Many of us are very good at drafting new project ideas, excitedly sharing them with our friends, but NEVER pulling the trigger. Even us bold and intrepid artists fail to execute awesome artistic endeavors. Resolve to stop doing that in 2022.

New Art Tools

It’s easy to get burnt out if you only use the same materials all the time. Depending on what type of art you do, you might spruce up your repertoire with some new brush pens, art markers, watercolor crayons, and more.

Plan to Attend an Art Workshop Every Month

Sometimes what we need to get the creative juices flowing is to be around like-minded, inspiring individuals. This is true for business professionals, and it even applies to artistic types. That’s why you should consider frequenting art workshops and see the lay of the land in your niche. There are websites like Eventbrite that facilitate all sorts of art-related events in your area.

Network with Other Artists

Of course, while you’re there, don’t be a wallflower. Sure, the best utility you gain from art shows might be the inspiration from the art itself, but you’ll grow even more through human interaction. You never know when you might encounter your next mentor (or mentee) within your art discipline.

Do Some Drawing Outdoors

Do you remember the talented fellow, Bob the Painter, who would coach people on how to paint “happy trees”? He was a brilliant artist, and he inspired many to follow in his footsteps. How did he learn how to paint happy trees? He went outside, found happy trees, and decided to paint them. You can do this too and it’s incredibly beneficial to get fresh air and physically rejuvenate yourself if you resolve to re-embolden your artistic endeavors.

Use Your Art to Redecorate Someone’s House or Business

This is something Tube Dude does for a living. If you read through our customer reviews, you’ll see the stories of folks who have used metal-art creations to augment bed-and-breakfast businesses, homes, and a whole lot more. If you’re struggling with artist burnout and need new ways to gain agency from your work, it’s amazing how edifying it would be to see your art brighten somebody else’s life.

Tube Dude lives to put smiles on faces and produce awesome tube creations for use as lawn ornaments, restaurant decorations, and even home décor. Since leaving his previous career, he’s found new resolve in his hand-crafted, metal-art business, and he would love to share his work with you. Check out his many fine yard sculptures, like Neon Butler Dude, in the shopping section. For more information about Tube Dude, feel free to call (941) 735-6009.

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