Make Your Garden Stand Out with a Gardening Dude!

Tube Dude knows a lot of cool ways you can enhance and beautify your garden with our novel tube creations. You don’t need to settle on landscaping mediocrity for even a day longer. Instead, find out the variety of ways you can make your garden stand out with an awesome gardening dude.

Gardening Tips

Tube Gardening Dude

Gardening is a wonderful hobby in and of itself. Before we get into the magnificent ways to bolster your garden with dudes, there are some great gardening ideas that will transform your property:

Grow Native Trees, Bushes, and Other Plants

We’re blessed with many unique tree and plant varieties in Florida. One of the best ways to ensure a beautiful garden is to plant the items that are meant to thrive here. Those include southern magnolia, Flatwoods plumb, yaopon holly, sweet Acadia, and many more.

Grow Your Own Veggies

If you’re frustrated with rising food prices, why not grow your own vegetables and have a ton of fun doing it? Florida is great for growing all sorts of veggies like onions, okra, kale, kohlrabi, swiss chard, spinach, squash, eggplant, cucumber, and more.

Use Bird Feeders & Attract Beautiful Wildlife

The only thing better than tube sculptures on your front lawn is happy, singing birds that engender peace and tranquility. Almost anybody can relax easier on the front porch with dozens of birds popping in and out of acute bird feeder.

Done properly, you can turn the landscaping space around your house into a wonderful and peaceful ambiance. This goes a long way to ensure you have your own relaxing outdoor sanctuary.

Gardening Dudes!

After you master the gardening basics, it’s time to really spruce up things with some gardening dudes.

First, you might check out our flower collection where we have the perfect assortment of botanical dudes such as:

  • The 20-Inch Smile Flower
  • Dudette Holding Flowers &
  • Flower Head Dude

Then you might throw in some tube dogs like:

  • Tube Chihuahuas
  • Tube Blood Hounds &
  • A Dude Walking His Dog

Last, but not least, every yard needs a good mailbox. We make those out of tubes too with creations like the Flamingo Mailbox or Mahi Mahi Mailbox. Yes, you didn’t think you could turn a big fish into a tubular mailbox, but we did exactly that.

These are a small sampling of what you can accomplish with your garden in beautiful Sarasota. Feel free to check out all the tube choices for one that best matches your home and gardening aspirations.

Tube Dude loves three things: creating smiles, beautiful gardens, and tube creations. Discover all this and more through our catalog of Tube Dude merchandise, and don’t hesitate to call us with any questions, comments, or concerns at 941-735-6009.

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