Calling on All Sailfish Lovers!

Tube Dude really appreciates the majestic and beautiful sailfish. We Floridians enjoy the privilege of being surrounded by the ocean and all kinds of gorgeous sea life. The sailfish, in particular, has a magnificent appearance.

For fun, let’s create a nice smile by checking out one of our favorite sea creatures.

Sarasota Wall Sailfish near Longboat Key


So, even if you don’t recall which fish this is, we know you’ve seen the one with the impressive dorsal crest and the long, sword-shaped nose. It’s very similar to the swordfish, but with a more handsome fin atop it.

Did you know that the sailfish is the fastest fish in the world?

Yes, that aerodynamic dorsal fin allows them to cruise the waters at a velocity of 68 mph. That’s impressive in its own right for any fish, but the sailfish is not a lightweight either. He plumbs the depths of the ocean, some 1,000 feet deep, with a nearly 7-foot-long frame and weighs about 200 pounds.

The neat dorsal fin gives the male sailfish some other advantages as well. Sort of like an ocean-style peacock, he also uses the dorsal fin for attracting all the lady sailfish. When they mate, the female sailfish releases millions of eggs at one time, and a newborn sailfish comes into this world just over a millimeter in length (very humble beginnings).

So, if you see a sailfish, swordfish, or marlin near you, smile and say hello. Also, be sure not to abandon your fishing gear in the water and cause them to get needlessly tangled.

Sailfish Fountain Sarasota

Fish Tube Creations!

As of the writing of this post, Tube Dude has 17 Tube Fish available as part of our huge catalog of tube merchandise. Three of them are sailfish decorations that would look awesome on any Florida lawn or swimming pool.

  • Wall Sailfish
  • Sailfish Fountain
  • Sailfish Mailbox

We only offer one word of caution though. Beware the sharp, pointy nose on the sailfish mailbox when you go to grab your mail in the morning. Sailfish tubes are no joke!

Tube Dude is responsible for creating hundreds of awesome tube creations, covering everything from cats and dogs, to mailboxes, dudes, dudettes, little dudes, and even pool rails. It’s turned into a great way for Sarasotans to decorate and adorn their homes, businesses, and swimming pools. If you want to learn more about our cool merchandise, then check out our full inventory and feel free to call with questions or concerns at 941-735-6009.

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