Dogs are Man’s Best Friend, Here’s Why!

Because we’re all about delivering smiles and joy at the Tube Dude blog, we’d be remiss if we didn’t talk about dogs every once in a while. Tube Dude has made several of his tube sculptures in the likeness of canines for a reason: virtually everybody loves dogs.

Let’s remind ourselves of why dogs are man’s best friend, and then check out some Tube Dogs that have been extremely popular.

Bassett Hound

Man’s Best Friend

Why do we like dogs so much? Here are but a sample of the many reasons:

Dogs Seem to Love Unconditionally

You have to abuse a dog very badly before it stops loving you. It may take a little while for a dog to trust you, but once they do, you’ll have a friend for life, which is so less common among us humans.

They Keep Us Healthy

Many of us struggle to exercise until we have a dog force us to do so. Anybody who needs help getting in their cardio should think about rescuing a dog that’ll happily run or walk around the neighborhood with them.

They’re Remarkably Talented

Have you seen what dogs can do nowadays? With their keen sense of smell, they can uncover bombs, drugs, and other bad stuff, but they also have a penchant for assisting the elderly or lending a set of eyes to the blind.

They Guard Our Property & Person

While we might find it annoying that some dogs bark at nearly anything that pulls past our houses, they do that out of love and good intentions. Other pets are fine, but dogs possess the most dedication to guarding and protecting us.

Dogs Are Excited Every Time They See Us

This one’s easy to recognize. Almost any dog owner knows that they cannot return to their home without their best friend embracing them (usually with a sizable dose of slobber and tail wagging).

Tube Dogs!

So, you can see why we love dogs and find it worthwhile to immortalize them into our awesome hand-crafted tube art. We have nearly 50 Tube Dogs! Check out these examples:

Part of the fun of making tube art comes from its limitless creative potential. Our patrons also really enjoy our use of tubes to create fish mailboxes, gardening dudes, dudettes, and other hilarious items. This is a terrific and decorative way to enliven both your residential and business properties.

Tube Dude loves what he does because he makes a fun product that brings joy to his patrons in Sarasota and elsewhere. If you wish to learn more about his magnificent hand-crafted metal art or have any general questions, call (941) 735-6009.

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