Add Curb Appeal and Stand Out with a Creative Mailbox!

The only thing more important than fixing your home’s roof, siding, windows, doors, lawn, and landscaping is . . .  to have an outspoken and creative mailbox.

Golf Mailbox from Tube Dude

Okay, so maybe that’s a tad hyperbolic, but having a cool mailbox will upgrade your home. There are lots of ways to add curb appeal and home value to your home, but this one’s even more cost-effective, fun, and novel.

Your Current Mailbox Has Fallen Apart

They don’t make mailboxes the way they used to in the old days. If yours is out of commission, then now’s your opportunity to replace it with something that will make your house the pinnacle of the neighborhood. Don’t get something generic and “normal.” Make your front lawn look way more amusing with this Nicklaus-inspired Golfer Mailbox.

Other Mailboxes Are Boring

We see so many mono-color mailboxes that don’t inspire anybody. Creative mailboxes are a terrific way to show your family, friends, and neighbors that you’re an independent thinker. Boring mailboxes will leave them feeling neutral (or angry on a bad day).

You Have Something Flimsy

Since most mailboxes fall over way too easily (like when the wife runs into it by accident), buying an outspoken mailbox can help you replace something flimsy and unreliable. Nothing is more durable than the Tube Dude’s patented Flamingo Mailbox. Don’t let the skinny neck and all the pink fool you, this mailbox can withstand an F-5 tornado.

Outspoken Items Add Curb Appeal

Mailbox upgrades are a great way to enhance curb appeal since they’re literally positioned on the curb of your property. It’s one of the first things anybody sees. You could have a $200,000 swimming pool in your backyard, but it won’t be the first thing folks encounter. While it won’t solve all your problems if you have several square yards of algae sprawled across your siding, a new mailbox makes for better first impressions.

You Can Keep The Same Mailbox & Add Hand-Crafted Metal Art to It

Is your current mailbox a piece of junk, but it does the job? Great! You can keep that one and simply enhance the status quo with some hand-crafted metal art. Tube Dude doesn’t make mailboxes, per se, he creates lots of cool things you can put on top of them to add some excitement.

  • We invite you to check out some of the mailbox-themed tube creations like: Dog Mailbox, Egret Mailbox, Octopus Mailbox, and Turtle Mailbox (great for slower mailmen).
  • If those aren’t enough, you can check out about a dozen other options on the rest of our website.

We’re in the business of building bigger smiles at Tube Dude headquarters in Sarasota, FL. If you’d like to learn how we make unique hand-crafted metal art, then call us at 941-735-6009.

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