8 Tips to Grow Your Business

Businesses cannot afford to be stagnant for long. Most of us know that if you aren’t growing, you’re declining, so you can only disregard growth issues at your peril. Fortunately, we know many ways to invigorate your business and enjoy years of success selling valuable goods and services.

Smiling Tube Dude

Hunt for Business Leads

Business is a numbers game. If you know that 20% of people will buy your service, and your goal is 200 purchases, then you need 1,000 leads. Do whatever it takes to get that volume.

Convert Prospects into Buyers

You can’t allow potential buyers to linger in the “prospect zone” forever. It’s like a business version of the “friend zone,” and just as frustrating. This means you’ll have to learn how to close the deal with folks and get them to commit. Don’t be afraid to press your prospects to commit to you when the time is right.

Know Your Weaknesses

Know your weaknesses and plan accordingly. The worst thing you can do is pretend they don’t exist. That’s the business equivalent of allowing an abscess to fester unattended. If you know, for example, that your business struggles with social media visibility, then the first thing you should do is acknowledge it, and enact a plan for improvement.

Sell More

This is common sense, but there’s no avoiding the hard reality. If you aren’t growing, it may be because you just haven’t put forth the requisite effort to hit the appropriate sales volume. You might need to work smarter, harder, or both.

Pay Attention to Profit Margin

You expand the profit margin by either raising the price of your services or lowering the costs of providing them. Continuous improvement involves constantly doing one or the other.

Spend Wisely

Are you finally seeing results and greater revenue? Then don’t get complacent. That’s usually the time to take the extra cash flow and invest it into a new venture, a capital improvement, or some other way to scale your business.

Always Pursue Referrals

Did you do a good job and satisfy the needs of your client? That’s great! Now, you should leverage it for future business. Some of the better service companies will exchange gift cards and coupons for positive reviews and referrals. This is how you keep a steady pipeline of new clientele.

Stand out from the Competition by Having a Tube Dude to Represent Your Business

The best businesses, including sports teams and insurance companies, have a mascot, and so should yours. You can do that with one of our hand-crafted tube creations. We have tons of examples of hilarious and eye-catching tube dudes that will separate you from the rest of the pack.

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