You Can Learn to Fish with These Tips…and a Tube Dude!

One of the best recreational ideas involves taking some time to get away from the daily grind and go fishing. Whether you go by yourself on a brief excursion into the Gulf, or gather an entire crew for marlin fishing, this is one of the most fun and relaxing activities. 

Of course, to make it fully worth the while, you would want to learn how to fish. That’s what we’d like to talk about today.

Fishing Dude from Tube Dude Sarasota

Basics of Fishing

While we can’t teach you every angler trick in a simple blog post, we can cover a few basic tips and strategies. Follow these pearls of wisdom to have a better chance of catching something the next time you park your boat in an everglade or traverse the deep sea.

Get a Fishing License

This part is pretty simple. It doesn’t take long or cost too much. You can visit the Florida Wildlife Commission website to take care of it in no time.

Learn About The Various Fish Species

We could be here a long time trying to catalog all the fish species you could encounter in our nearby waters. This would cover everything from red drums, snappers, mackerel, snook, and more. Nowadays, your smartphone can help you identify common fish wherever you’re fishing. This helps you learn how to pursue them easier.

Buy a Good Rod, Reel, and Live Bait

It’s worth your time to stop into a fishing store and find the best equipment. Talk to a pro to learn about the best tackle options. Oh, and yes, you’ll catch more fish with live bait. They prefer it to plastic or rubber just like most creatures.

Find a Nice Casual Fishing Spot

If you’re new, you won’t always know the hot spots for lots of fish. It changes often anyway, so your best bet is to find a convenient area like a pier, river banks, or even while sitting on the beach.

Fishing Tube Creations for Your Boat or Home!

As usual, we can’t give proper treatment to a topic without showcasing one of our tube creations. One of our favorites is the Dude Sitting With Fishing Pole. You can either take this fellow with you onto your boat and see how many laughs you get, or put him next to your swimming pool.

What else do we have for fishing? Check out some of these other dudes . . .

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