4 Tips for Effective Trade Show Displays

Industry trade shows can be very informative and even fun if you have the right mindset. We have a few tips to help you improve your business networking skills with effective display items.

The primary purpose of trade shows is to hook your potential clients, business partners, and other new acquaintances into your business model. Think of it as a visual elevator pitch. Here’s how you make it work effectively.

4 Tips for Effective Trade Show Displays

Capture Your Audience’s Attention Immediately

In almost any form of advertising, you have only five seconds to “pattern interrupt” and gain people’s attention. This is true for online marketing, but it’s also relevant to live events like trade shows. Find a way to get people out of their routine and look at your display. How do you do that?

How about a tube creation? We have many business-related ones that could make you the center of attention right out the gate. Those include Business Dude, Camera Dude on Tripod, Dermatologist Dude, or Dog Grooming Dude. If you search the archives, you’re bound to find something germane to your business. These hilarious display items will help you steal the show in no time.

Make a Clean and Consistent Design Message

For the rest of your display, make it clean and easy to follow. Believe it or not, the display is not an end of itself. You and your business model matter the most. If you make something too cluttered and verbose, folks will spend all day reading rather than talking to you about your trade or business.

Create an Open Space for Viewing and Conversing

Don’t let your display (including your tube display) take up too much room or make the atmosphere crowded. It’s better to arrange everything into a semi-circle or position a few chairs for people to hold conversations. The goal is to create a friendly ambiance that invites direct interfacing.

Make Your Display Interactive

More to that last point: find fun ways to make your display interactive. This is a great time for product demonstrations. Don’t be afraid to use the tube creation as a prop for that. People remain more attentive if they can participate, too.

That’s the gist of making an effective trade show display. Ingenuity and creativity can take you pretty far at these events. While everyone else has a boring or overly technical display, you can use a well-placed tube creation to catch people’s eyes quickly.

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