Fishing is Good for Your Health; So Is Having a Fishing Tube Dude!

It’s only natural that fishing-themed tube creations are a big favorite around here in Sarasota, FL. Tube Dude captures just about every human and animal expression and puts it into tube form, but there’s something to be said about a nice day for fishing. Here’s why . . . 

Reasons Fishing Is Good For Your Health

Fishing makes you feel better in so many different ways.

Destress and Boost Vitamin D

Guess what happens when you go outside on a fishing boat. You get sunlight! Sunlight is the optimal source of Vitamin D, the nutrient that lets you avert colds, flus, and other miserable problems. It also strengthens your bones, joints, and immune system. Fishing is an easy way to get this without supplementation.

Family Time

Family cohesion is another positive result of going on a fishing trip. Many families struggle to find worthwhile common activities. This will further your relaxation efforts, and give you an opportunity to bond with children and spouses.

Eat What You Catch

Fish has numerous dietary advantages. It offers healthy protein, beneficial Omega 3 amino acids, and doesn’t force you to pack on a ton of calories. Plus, it’s also “brain food” because it boosts cognitive function.

Learn Patience

We could all stand to grow in the virtue of patience. Fishing aptly teaches this. Any fisherman can tell you that you have to rise early, take a while to find the right spots, and wait for the fish to bite. If you struggle with “instant gratification,” this can help change that.

Fishing-Inspired Tubes

One of the best ways to remind you to go fishing is to obtain one of our fishing tubes. Put one on your lawn and you’ll never forget what you’d rather be doing in place of that boring day job. Here are a few suggestions:

Dude Waving Holding a Fish

He’s pretty happy, eh? Why is that? Because he’s already caught something that’s half his size (in tube volume).

Dude Sitting With Fishing Pole

You can’t beat this level of relaxation.

Sitting on the Dock

This guy really gets it right by combining fishing with a tasty Margarita.

Grilling Dude

Unless you choose to do “catch and release,” you’ll need some place to go with your fish trophies.

Fishing Dude With Fish and Hat

This is the best profile of a man with everything under control.

Tube Dude puts smiles on faces with dozens of hand-crafted tube designs. Nobody else in Sarasota (or many other places) captures the fun and novelty of this delightful art form. Feel free to check out the entire catalog of decorative tube sculptures. Call Tube Dude with any other inquiries at 941-735-6009.

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