Hey Dudes! Your Grooming Day is Coming Up!

Grooming is a big deal for dudes, especially in beautiful areas like Sarasota, FL. Since we have such a gorgeous outdoor atmosphere and beautiful homes all around us, we gentlemen have to match the local aesthetic.

This means having top-notch grooming habits, which usually means making the occasional trip to the barbershop. August 19th marks National Men’s Grooming Day, so now is as good a time as ever to recall the virtues of men’s grooming. Plus, as always, we have a nifty tube creation that collaborates with this theme.

National Men’s Grooming Day

What is National Men’s Grooming Day? Well, if you ever visit Nationaltoday.com, you’ll see that they have a day for everything now. Someone decided to make every third Friday of August a day dedicated to men’s grooming. Perhaps it’s because the late summer heat has taken its toll on men’s appearance by that point; thus the need to regroup and clean up a bit.

National Men’s Grooming Day received sponsorship from a company that makes men’s grooming supplies called American Crew. They make lots of solid items that address hair, skin, and beard care.

Men’s Grooming History

Of course, there’s been an emphasis on men’s grooming since ancient Egyptian days. Even back that far, they developed ways to look better with ingredients like aloe vera, fragrant essential oils like Eucalyptus, and other things to protect against sun exposure.

Male grooming may have hit a stalemate during the Middle Ages when it went out of style for a while. However, it enjoyed a renaissance during the 1500s when men and women focused on aesthetic matters like teeth whitening and hair care. Since then, we have an entire industry dedicated to grooming, which includes not only hair-care products and colognes but the fine services of your local barber.

Barbershop Dude – For Enhancing Your Local Barbershop

Do you run a barbershop and need some display items to add style to your business? As promised, we have a terrific idea for enhancing the barbershop ambiance with the awesome Barbershop Dude.

This fellow is your solution to drawing all kinds of curious customers whenever you stick him in front of your shop. Like our other tube creations, he’s created with circular hands that allow you to hook items onto him. You’ll notice in the picture how he’s holding the classic pole pin, indicating the chance for hair-cutting services.

Barbershop Dude is one of many cool tube creations we make in Sarasota, which are available to folks anywhere. Even if you don’t run a barbershop, we have plenty of other great business decorations like Construction Dude, Chiropractor Dude, and more.

Tube Dude has at least one crafted tube sculpture for every business purpose you can imagine. They go great in and around homes as well. Don’t take our word for it. Check out one of these glowing reviews for our novel tube products. Everybody gets a huge kick out of them.
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