Ways You Can Get New Customers in 2023

Would you like to attract new customers to your business?

Well, that question hardly requires a response because the answer is an easy and resounding YES! The good news is that there are multiple ways to do this, and all you have to do is purposefully put them into action.

Chef on the Roof

Learn to Network (always and everywhere)

Many successful professionals will say that you have to be “on” all the time as an entrepreneur. This applies to customer service responses, but also to your enthusiasm for promoting your brand. If there’s any element of sales, marketing, or promotion to your business (and there almost always is), then you must be ready to give the “30-second pitch” anywhere.

Don’t be Shy About Asking for Referrals

Many companies and contractors thrive on customer referrals. Some businesses get about 80% of their work volume this way. So, you cannot be shy about offering incentives for referrals and positive testimonials.

Strategically Offer Discounts

On the topic of discounts, how often do you reward your customers with bargain deals or giveaways? You should employ this strategy every now and then because it can be a huge game changer for building brand loyalty. The holiday season is a terrific time to practice.

Optimize Your Web Presence

Is your business website a user-friendly online headquarters, or just something you slapped together really fast? If it’s not the former, then you should fix that soon. Modern businesses need to have a reliable website (that shows up in the search engine results) along with plenty of interaction on social media. Tube Dude, for example, has a gorgeous website and appears on the popular platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Make Your Physical Business Way Better with Hand-Crafted Tube Art!

This wouldn’t be a Tube Dude post if we didn’t fit our fantastic tube creations into the mix. We have so many awesome ways to pull new customers to your brick-and-mortar business by bolstering its appearance. There are several novel, fun, and even downright hilarious metal tube figures that can add so much style to the premises. Here are a few examples . . .

  • Do you run a nice deli or restaurant with lots of nearby pedestrians? Then now’s the time to lure them into your shop with Bistro Dude and Dog.
  • Beer Dude serves as a role model and advertisement with his beer mug and welcoming smile. He would be a terrific addition outside any bar or tavern.
  • Don’t miss the chance to make your cozy barbershop even better by positioning Barber Shop Dude at the front door to greet folks.

There are plenty of other brilliant ideas when you explore Tube Dude’s online catalog. Don’t forget that if you can’t find one you like, we can always make something for you. Contact us anytime to learn how to attract customers with unique hand-crafted metal art by calling 941-735-6009.

    Please call (941) 735-6009 for the most accurate price as prices on the website may not reflect the actual pricing of the individual products.