Plan the Perfect End-of-Year Office Party!

If there’s one thing Tube Dude enjoys most, it’s a fantastic party. This is true of end-of-year company parties or those jolly gatherings with friends and close relatives. So, with a spirit of festive fun, smiles, and relaxation, let’s check out a few ways to make the ideal office party this Christmas and New Year’s.

Butler from Tube Dude Sarasota

Make it a Feast with Delicious Food

Nobody likes company parties where you have nothing to eat but stale, packaged snacks. That’s a fast way to leave your employees or coworkers singing “Bah Humbug!” every time they stroll past your office. Instead, ’tis the season for a delicious feast with plenty of cookies, eggnog, deep-dish pumpkin pie, hot chocolate, and apple cider.

Bring in Some Festive Music

No, you don’t have to hire a mini orchestra for your office party. It’s super easy to enliven the atmosphere with little more than a smart speaker and some tunes from Spotify or Apple iTunes. The only hard part is getting folks to agree on the music selections. We’ll leave that up to you.

Play a Few Games

What better way to break the ice with other coworkers than to have fun with a trivia contest, charades, bingo, or even karaoke singing? This may be the one time of year when you get to be around folks without all the workplace stress. So, make the most of it.

Take a Nice Group Photo with Your Team

Did you have a great time at your party? Then don’t forget to commemorate it with a quick team photo. You can hang it up on a bulletin board to remind people of the great time, and for motivation to do it again next year.

Make Everyone Smile & Laugh with a Butler Tube Dude

Did you know we have the perfect party prop with the Butler with Coat Dude? Yes, this handsome tube creation will be the life of the party, and, as you can see in the picture, can carry some iced-down beer and wine. If you prefer a butler with a dapper top hat, we also have his tube-creation cousin, Butler with Bow Tie, at your service. You cannot have a legitimate feast without wait staff, and these fellows put the most metal elbow grease into their diligent dining service.

Be careful not to overindulge and don’t forget to check our shop periodically for new hand-crafted metal art creations from Tube Dude. We hope you enjoy this season’s parties, feasts, and celebrations. Contact us anytime with questions or comments at (941) 735-6009.

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