Attracting New Customers to Your Small Business

The business world can be a constant stream of challenges. While some are easily overcome, there will always be obstacles that you’ll need to attend to. If you own a smaller-sized business, such as Tube Dude in Sarasota, FL then one challenge that remains constant is attracting new customers. Today, we’ll be going over some ways that your business can thrive by reaching a brand new and enthusiastic clientele.

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Offer New Customers Discounts and Promotions

You’ll be extremely hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t like getting a deal, bargaining, or the ability to take advantage of a sale. By offering deals such as these, and maybe a promotional item or two, you’ll soon be attracting the interested and curious, alike. 

Build a Network 

Keep an ear to the ground. There are events and gatherings every so often geared at local businesses coming together to trade information and socialize. Get connected with some of the other local businesses in your area. One hand washes the other, and exchanging favor is a wonderful way to expand. 

Keep Your Website and Social Media Accounts Updated 

Today’s marketplace is more digital than it’s ever been before. Consulting with SEO and marketing experts can help you take advantage of this new and constantly expanding marketplace to generate the reach and impressions necessary to get more and more customers taking interest in what you have to offer. 

Get Involved in the Local Community 

Nothing draws people closer than the knowledge that they’re a part of something. Becoming active in the community is a great way to not only meet other colleagues but extend your brand to customers and get to know them on a first-name basis. People tend to gravitate toward businesses so that they can become personally connected. 

Ask for Referrals and Recommendations (Follow Up if Necessary) 

After you’ve initiated a conversation with a customer, ask them about how they’ve enjoyed their experience. If the response is overwhelmingly positive, you might consider asking them for a review. (Most will kindly oblige.) However, if a customer tells you about a negative experience they had, follow up with them and ask them why they’re upset. The ability to take constructive criticism and honest feedback will allow you to improve on select areas and put you on the fast track to getting happier customers and greater success. 

Get a Tube Dude!

Like so many other small businesses in the Sarasota area, Tube Dude wants nothing more than see our customers smile. Our products are made of metal and furnished by hand. From mailboxes to pool rails and everything in between, we just want to brighten your day with our craft. Come on over to 1710 Main Street in Sarasota for more info, and keep smiling!

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