5 Things Customers Look for When Visiting Your Business

Greetings to all you happy business owners out there! How good of an impression do you think your physical business leaves on your visiting customers? It’s a good question to reflect on every now and then because many folks do indeed judge a book by its cover, including the stores and restaurants they choose to patronize.

Check out these common things that catch customers’ eyes when they approach your business.

Dog Grooming Tube Dude

Customer Service

One of the first things that will repel customers from your business is a noticeable lack of customer service. If they have to wait too long to get a table at a restaurant, or nobody greets them at a retail outlet, it could be a very early exit.

Good Products & Services Readily Available

This segues well from the first point. Your customers should be able to identify your most important products and services within seconds of entering your shop. It’s easy to lose someone’s attention in fewer than five seconds. Therefore, make sure people understand your brand’s purpose the moment they approach your establishment.

Clean Surroundings

This is perhaps most important for dining establishments and it pertains to the eating area, kitchen, and bathrooms. Gross bathrooms are the bane of business if you want to invite repeat customers. Also, a dirty establishment is bound to catch the attention of public health officials too.

Nice Ambiance

While it’s kind of a broad term, your overall ambiance plays a big factor. If you run a flag store, you better make sure you have cool and unique flags everywhere. On the other hand, if you’re a fine-dining establishment, you need beautiful background music, chandeliers, well-dressed wait staff, and so forth. Your business niche will dictate the details.

A Tube Dude!

Yes, you better believe your customers are combing your business looking for any sight of a Tube Dude. It is, after all, a staple of any successful business atmosphere.

These are the kinds that really help your business thrive: Bail Bondsman Dude, Barbershop Dude, Beer Dude (great for bars), Bridette (for bridal stores), and Car Mechanic Dude. This only scratches the surface of the plethora of hilarious, tubular, decorative figures. Then again, you should always choose the right dude for your business. That’s highly subjective, but luckily we have dozens of options.

So, there you have it. This is how you can finally take your business’s physical presence to the next level.

Tube Dude likes to maintain a sense of humor about everything while serving his happy customers with all sorts of hand-crafted metal art. If you want to adorn your home or business with a fun 2D or 3D tube-sculpted creation, then we’d love to show you around our shop. Always feel free to contact Tube Dude any time at (941) 735-6009.

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