Create Happiness with Tube Dude!

Welcome to Tube Dude! This is your home for the most fun, original, and unique modern art in Sarasota. Come check out the wild, wonderful world of tube art and create happiness with Tube Dude. You won’t regret it!

The former yacht maker turned Tube Dude is none other than Scott Gerber, who has spent the better part of eleven years creating outdoor sculptures with little more than . . . tubes. While it was rough leaving his old job when the recession hit, the Tube Dude has mustered all his tubular powers to create happiness even amidst such dreary times.

Sarasota Neon Colored Tube Dudes near Siesta Key

There’s nothing that quite compares with these tube creations. The closest alternative might be metal sculptures like these. A picture is worth a thousand words, and in this case, you can’t do it justice simply by talking about it. Check out the shopping section to see all the various tube creations.

Here’s a quick idea of the kinds of tube people you might run into if you visit Tube Dude at 1710 Main Street in Sarasota:

  • Beach Dude
  • Tin Man Dude
  • Dude With Camera
  • Flower Head Dude
  • French Dude
  • Gas Grill Dude
  • Giant Dude
  • Guitar Dude
  • Neon Butler Dude
  • Uncle Sam Flag Holder Dude
  • Bird Watcher Dudette (yes, both genders can be tubulated)
  • Gold Dude
  • And . . . don’t forget about Fishing Dude. This dude doesn’t even set his beer down while reeling in a snook, one-handed.

Whoa, that’s a lot of dudes, and we’re only scratching the surface here. There’s a whole inventory of tubed-out mailboxes, mini dudes, pool rails, tube furniture, birds, dogs, cats, and a litany of other dude stuff. These make a great gift idea, home décor item, and this satisfied customer even used it to promote his business!

Sarasota Mermaid Metal Art near Venice

“We purchased a tube dude and use it for advertising our bed and breakfast.”
-Richard St. John

You can’t beat that. Be sure to dig through the rest of the catalog, so you can decide which dude you want to take home to guard your front lawn. That’s not a decision to take lightly either.

Tube Dude is so happy to have you here and he’s happy to field any questions you have about his cutting-edge tube beings. Call for help at (941) 735-6009 and don’t forget to keep smiling!

Please call (941) 735-6009 for the most accurate price as prices on the website may not reflect the actual pricing of the individual products.