Dog Peeing


Water feature; pump included.

Shipping & Delivery

I understand that Tube Dudes are hand-made, artist-creates, welded, aluminum tubing sculptures that are powder coated. And that inherent in fabrication process are structural issues that can't be anticipated. As such, the finished work may vary from the above description. I also understand that colors may not be exact matches to the swatches I choose. And that, although Tube Dude agrees to make every effort to deliver (including shipping) within 4-6 weeks from date of payment, additional time may be required (due to unforeseen circumstances) before my Dude(s) is shipped. I also agree that I am responsible for obtaining (if required) the proper permits from my local government officials to install a Dude. I agree that if I receive a shipment from a Tube Dude shipper and the outer container is damaged, that it is my right and responsibility to examine the contents and either accept or rejects the goods. ALL SALES FINAL NO REFUNDS. TUBE DUDE LLC OWNS THE COPYRIGHT © 2013 ON ALL DESIGNS.